Unique Baby Shower Gifts

A baby shower is an occasion to celebrate the birth of your friends baby, so giving a gift that she will treasure will remind her of you even after the baby shower. Baby showers are catching on in communities such as the military. Nevada just held the baby shower under Operation Homefront, where 105 military families attended. It plans showers twice a year to accommodate all the military families which need help. Families with the greatest financial needs got the biggest items. Gifts included rocking chairs. Even for your baby shower gift, choose one which is needed by the mother.

Such a present can also stand out among the other gifts she is sure to receive at the party. Think hard to choose a gift that matches her interests, or is unique in some other manner.

Check on unique baby shower gifts options which are newly available in the market. You can choose several small items and create a baby gift basket. An infant bath tub or a diaper pail can be used for this purpose. You could continue the bath theme in the presents as well. A rubber duck with a thermometer, towels, soap, lotion, wash cloths, and a brush are all useful items.

A portable changing pad which is comfortable is a gift which both the mother and the child will find convenient. An innovative gift is a belly imprint, so that the mother has a cast of how she looked during pregnancy. Teethers which look like jewelry are also available these days. Babies are attracted to their mothers accessories, so instead of spoiling these they can enjoy chew your gift.

Diapers are one item mothers will find useful, no matter how many they receive, so you could give designer diapers to stand out. The motifs on these will help the mother and the child make an impression at special events.

An educational DVD, baby books, music CDs are good choices if you want to give a present that will help the baby to develop his or her brainpower. A toy is a gift that the baby can enjoy for years. A soft teddy bear is always welcome, which the baby can cuddle every night.