Unique But Practical Baby Gifts

Even though there are a lot of things that we have cut back on, or are not doing any longer due to the economy, one of the things that is not changing is that people are still having babies. Those baby shower invitations are still coming in and we still have the need to give baby gifts. Now, more than ever, when we think of a gift we want to give something that is both practical as well as unique.

We would like for the parents to be pleased with our gift, and for the gift to be useful and appreciated. In thinking of a baby gift that meet these two criteria we often spend hours looking in stores trying to get ideas and find that perfect match. Online shopping is a smart solution to all the walking around and driving that one has to do when shopping in stores, but we still need an idea for the type of gift that we would like to give.
One thought is to give a beautiful baby gift basket filled with baby necessities and even something for mom and dad.

These baskets could contain such things as burping cloths, matching baby robe, soft fluffy stuffed animals for home, and toys for the stroller. It could also include a baby print maker for making prints of the baby’s foot or hand. A really nice basket may have Burt Bee’s luxuries such as baby buttermilk lotions, baby bee shampoo bar, apricot baby oil and diaper ointment. Some of these items could be personalized to make them very special for a special baby. Include in the basket something unique for mom and dad, such as ingredients for a hot fudge Sunday, to be enjoyed after the birth of the new little one, and you have a winner for a unique gift that is also practical. And remember, with a gift such as this, you are also giving a basket that can be useful as well. There are so many unique choices in baby gift baskets that you are sure to find one that will satisfy you, your pocketbook and the parents to be.

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